McDonalds Fresh Eggs Daily

McDonald’s moving billboard, “Fresh Eggs Daily”, has won recognition recently at the O (Outdoor) Awards for Traditional Billboard and at the FAB (Food and Beverage) awards, London, for Ambient Outdoor. Above a McDonald’s restaurant, on the corner of Clark and Addison in Chicago, a large egg which cracked open at 6 am with the beginning of breakfast, and closed again at 11 am, with the end of the breakfast menu.

McDonalds Fresh Eggs Daily moving billboard

The construction team at Prop Art, Detroit, had the challenge of creating a structure that would be safe, would withstand Chicago winds, and cope with the movement and impact involved in two halves meeting. A wind sensor was installed to ensure that the shell wouldn’t open in high winds.

The 3,800-lb. egg stands 13 ft. 6 in. from the ground when fully opened and 19 ft. 4 in. when fully closed. The board measures 21 ft. long, with a 14-ft. diameter and an overall circumference of 44 ft. (large enough to hold more than a million real eggs, according to the agency).

The entire design and construction process took eight and a half weeks; Prop Art was given three weeks for the fabrication, and the installation took six days. The egg was tested, kit-packed and shipped to Chicago for assembly.

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The Fresh Eggs Daily concept was developed at Leo Burnett Chicago by global chief creative officer Mark Tutssel, chief creative officer John Condon, executive creative director John Montgomery, creative directors Avery Gross and Brian Shembeda, copywriter Adam Rubin, art directors Nate Zuercher, Chris Gedris and Julius Prilianto, agency producer Denis Giroux and Laurie Gustafson.

Prop engineering was developed at Prop Art Studio, Detroit, by Mike Stapleton and team. Controls were designed by Indicon.

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