Mazda Ready for Unexpected

Mazda is promoting the new generation of Mazda 3 cars in Australia with “Unexpected”, a visual effects-laden television commercial directed by Michael Spiccia. A Mazda 3 driver is stunned to find that all the signs to Eureka point in different directions, including up. With the help of his GPS navigation the situation is resolved. Two women are astounded to find a giant reptile erupting out of the tarmac, but swerve in time. The Eureka driver puts his foot down to escape the clutches of wild fuel bowser hoses.

Surprised woman in Mazda 3 Unexpected commercial

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Unexpected campaign was developed at CHE, Melbourne, by creative director Ian Bear, creative supervisor Stephen Fisher, managing director Martin Griffin, senior account director Chris Ivanov and agency producer Georgina Toole.

Filming was shot by director Michael Spiccia via Goodoil Films, Melbourne, with director of photography Danny Ruhlmann, producer Sam Long. Editor was Bernard Garry at The Editors.

Visual effects were developed at Fin Design & Effects.

Music was composed by Elliott Wheeler at Turning Studios.