Manzer Hand Crafted Guitars

Manzer Guitars, hand constructed by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer, are given a touch of class in this print advertising campaign developed by John st, Toronto: Religious Experience, Case and Therapist.

Religious Experience in Manzer print advertisement

As with any religious experience, you don’t get one the minute you ask.

Case in Manzer print advertisement

It comes with a case. Because someday, you might have to put it down for a minute.

Therapist in Manzer print advertisement

Imagine a therapist that does all the talking.


The Manzer campaign was developed at John st., Toronto, by creative directors Angus Tucker and Stephen Jurisic, art directors Tony Ponzo and Brian MacDonald, copywriter Suzanne Pope, producers Lorrie Zwer and Jan Romin, and photographer Nikki Omerod.