Mandela Day with Two Hands

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has been using a video, outdoor, print and online campaign to encourage New York residents to prepare for the first ever Mandela Day, held on July 18, 2009, the 91st birthday of Nelson Mandela. New Yorkers are being encouraged to volunteer just 67 minutes of their time to help others, correlating to the 67 years Nelson Mandela has spent fighting social injustice. The campaign is linked with a Mandela Day concert broadcast by 46664 and is online at Facebook.

Mandela Day logo

Jack Johnson and Ben Harper perform their song, “Two Hands” as the backing for a film celebration of volunteers. “On this day, we raise our hands in celebration and renewed commitment to the making of a just society. Nelson Mandela teaches us that every human being can make a positive imprint. One by one, and together, we must continue to encourage open dialogue around social issues. We must transform discourse into action. We have work to do.”

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Hands campaign was developed at Gotham, New York, by chief creative officer Marty Orzio, art director Ariele Jerome, producers Jon Rosenberg and Theresa Loguercio.s

Filming was shot by director Darren Himebrook via GuerillaFX with assistant cameraman Adam Rust, editor Linda Peters, executive producer Corey Szopinski, lead project manager Ines Peschiera, digital video producer Tim Nolan, application developer Brent Sander.

Mandela Day logo