Lynx Effect Party Across The Internet

Lynx Shower Gel for men is being promoted in Australia with an interactive web experience, The Lynx Effect Party Across the Internet. Anti Hangover, Shock and Fever Shower Gel provide the colours and fragrances for a range of male fantasy experiences, online at Users are swept through experiences at men’s magazine Ralph, surf magazine QuiksilverPro, MySpace and video site before landing at the Lynx Effect Facebook page. The campaign includes the Lynx Party Pix Party facebook application, and is linked with and Unilever’s Lynx is known in some parts of the world as Axe.

Lynx Effect Party Across The Internet starts on Ralph


Digital Agency: Soap Creative
Strategist: Ross Raeburn
Executive Producer: Josh Hunt
Creative Director: Brad Eldridge
Technical Director: Ashley Ringrose
Motion & Flash: Patrick Cook
Motion & Flash: Jomuel Mananquil
Design: John Westfallen
Media: Universal McCann – Alice Le
Client: LYNX – Warren Minde

  • NicholasNaylor

    Better than I was expecting 🙂

  • Name has a 404 error at the moment. Up until then I thought it was a great use of media.

    • ross

      lol Heavy launched a new site. Bit of a curve ball and unfortunatley sprung up a 404 for a couple of hours. Thankfully the party was back on track in no time.