Lovemarks Nominations,the online site developed by Kevin Roberts and Saatchi & Saatchi, is offering incentives for a fresh infusion of nominations and comments this month. Submit the best Lovemark nomination or comment before 1 June 2009, and be in to win one of two EDUN ONE t-shirts. is already listed as one of the Lovemarks but waits for your support.

Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts says, “Today a few great brands run so far ahead of the pack that I call them something else entirely. I call them Lovemarks. They belong here, in the High Love Quadrant of my Love/Respect Axis. They build on respect, but they also make those crucial emotional connections. This is the ground where the future will be won and lost. This reflects the power shift to customers. Our future lies with emotional connections built on respect, sure, but suffused with Love.”

Love Respect axisKevin Roberts published “Lovemarks”, the book, in 2005, and “The Lovemarks Effect” in 2006. The Lovemarks site became the place where Saatchi & Saatchi could promote and perpetuate the concept, as well as create emotional connections with consumers by allowing them to share their Lovemark stories.

Nomination 4220 is The Inspiration Room, put in by someone with lots of love and respect in November 2008. You’re welcome to register with and add your support to Banksy’s nomination, leaving your comments and include us in your list of lovemarks.

The Top 50 Lovemarks

The top 50 Lovemarks nominations range from Shah Rukh Khan (16091 “Love Its”) through to (341 Love Its”).

1. Shah Rukh Khan (the Indian actor)
2. BookCrossing (social reading movement)
3. Kajol (Indian actress)
4. Apple (Non PC computer computer)
5. Moleskine (Italian notebook)
6. Vin Diesel (US actor)
7. Guinness (Irish liquor)
8. FreelanceByU (US frugal living web site)
9. Google (Search and Software)
10. iPod (Apple gadget)
11. Rani Mukherjee (Indian actress)
12. Coca-Cola (US beverage manufacturer)
13. Anne Geddes (Photographer, Designer)
14. The Leaky Cauldron (Harry Potter fan site)
15. Where’s George? (US currency tracking site)
16. REMO General Store (Australian online design store)
17. Neil Diamond (USA singer/songwriter)
18. Kabir Bedi (Indian actor)
19. IKEA (Swedish furniture empire)
20. John Denver (US singer)
21. Superman (US superhero)
22. Daniel Carter (NZ All Black)
23. The Beatles (UK band)
24. Australia (Large continent nation)
25. Cadbury (Chocolate)
26. Vegemite (Yeast Extract)
27. Foster’s Lager (Australian beer)
28. Where The Wild Things Are (Book and Movie)
29. The Pretender (US television series)
30. All Blacks (NZ rugby union team)
31. Franz Beckenbauer (German football coach)
32. Adidas (German Sports Apparel)
33. Aishwarya Rai (Indian actress)
34. Starbucks (US coffee)
35. Lotus (UK car)
36. New Zealand (Small nation of islands)
37. Monty Python (UK comedy)
38. Mini (UK car)
39. LEGO (Danish toy bricks)
40. Luke McAlister (NZ All Black)
41. Absolut (Swedish vodka)
42. Pope John Paul II (Polish pope)
43. Rajesh Khanna (Indian actor)
44. Ireland (Small part of an island nation)
45. Pabst beer (US beer)
46. Toyota (Japanese car manufacturer)
47. Chinchillas Unlimited (UK Chinchilla owners site)
48. Bike Friday (US bicycle)
49. Jackie Chan (Chinese actor)
50. (US retail site)