Living Climate Change for Designers

IDEO CEO Tim Brown challenges designers to think aobut the role they have to play in combating climate change in this animated commercial for the Living Climate Change initiative.

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Climate change touches every aspect of social and economic life, from energy resources to water and forest sustainability; from food supplies to human security. Living Climate Change offers up a divergent set of future scenarios from the IDEO community and beyond.

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IDEO’s Living Climate Change website aims to host a conversation around the most defining challenge of our time. As climate change touches every aspect of our lives, how will it change us? How will we adapt? The Living Climate Change site invites design thinkers to participate in imagining what life will be like in 20 or 30 years as we move along the path toward reduced carbon emissions. Which behaviors will change and which will be preserved? is a place to contribute fresh thinking and share provocative ideas about the future.


The concept for the video was developed at IDEO by client director and design director Roshi Givechi.

Design, animation, and visual effects were produced at Bonfire, San Francisco, by creative director Matt Silverman, associate creative director Phil Spitler, executive producer Lisa Hinman, Rotoscope artist Marco Salsiccia, 2D animator Jason Coursey, illustrator Coco Tardiff, 3D animators Bobby Van Dyke, Adam Oestergaard.

Editor/sound designer was Jim Farber at Phoenix Editorial, San Francisco, with post producer Zara Finlay.

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