Lipton Ice Tea Cooling Your World Naturally

With temperatures soaring into the 40s in Australia’s southern cities this summer, local residents have been looking for ways to deal with the heat. DDB Sydney has come up with the natural way down in Switch, a television commercial developed for Lipton Ice Tea.

Lipton Ice Tea Drinker in Switch television commercial

A woman switches off her ceiling fan as her flat’s temperature gauge shows the temperature climbing into the high 30s Celsius, and past 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In a Chinese office block air conditioners are turned off, despite the temperature hitting 38 degrees Celsius outside. It’s the same in the suburbs and in the city. Everywhere people are trashing their fans and coolers. The ad finishes with a rally in the middle of the city, fueled by Lipton Ice Tea. It’s time to cool your world, naturally.

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The Lipton Ice Tea campaign was developed at DDB Sydney by executive creative director Matt Eastwood, creative director Mark Harricks, creatives Ant Simmons and Alex Wadelton, agency producers Kaija Wall and Honae Macneill.

Filming was shot by directing team Ben Saunders and (director of photography) Germain McMicking (Nice Trees) via The Directors Group, with producer Craig Griffin.

Post production was done at Iloura, Melbourne. Editor was Rohan Zerna at Digital Pictures.

Sound was designed at Final Sound, Melbourne. Music was composed by Hylton Mowday at JAM.

  • Rory

    Yeah, Whats the name of the song.. its brilliant!

  • Matheus

    Whats the name of the sound track?


  • Greg Dwyer

    Yep.. I want that song too.

  • Bree

    PLEASEEE!!!! if ANYONE knows the name to that song! pleaseeee contact me :
    i’m UTTERLY obsessed, and i can’t find it =(

  • IrishGuyInSyd

    Where is this ad shot? What is the location? Looks like Buenos Aires!!

  • Smiley

    Probably Rio

  • Alice

    Lipton advise that the song used on the Lipton advertisement is called “Along the Village” by V. Zakharov. It was recorded in 1933

  • Rod Kison

    One of the worst ads created! – fools dring ice tea???

  • Smiley

    Where are you from Rod? They must have fantastic ads where your from!!!

    • Susanne Arena

      Smiley, some people have no taste…..:)

  • Jas

    The song, as mentioned by Alice February, is ‘Along the Village’, about the electrification of Russian villages – see

    Information courtesy of fellow youtube-r, klavasiduke.

  • me

    yeah, i found this page in the hopes of finding the villagey music in it,

    theres a sound track?

    i need.


  • Brunazo

    actually it is buenos aires. while running is Diagonal Norte street, and where the guy stands its near there, i dont remember the street name… i was an extra in the shot… i can glance miself for like a quarter of a second… great… jaja

    • Vince

      Thanks for that! I was sure that big street was Diagonal Norte. 😀

    • Susanne Arena

      Yay!!! I’ve heard it is a fantastic city…

  • Melisa Rheingrüber

    Cool my world.

  • moi

    I’ doing an ad analysis on this for school

  • rick

    Thank you Brunazo. I was sure the city was BA. I lived in Argentina for a year in the ninties and I remembered the diagonal layout of some of the streets in the city.

  • Stiva

    This is one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. How on earth can you cool you world by manufacturing all those plastic bottles????