LG Freedom Seamless

LG continues its “Borderless” campaign with “Freedom”, a television and print advertising campaign promoting LED and Bluetooth equipped televisions. The campaign contrasts the boxed-in mundane existence associated with everyday life, with a sense of refreshment and sophistication found in the LG entertainment system.

LG Freedom commercial


This TV ad for LED and Bluetooth equipped televisions starts with a swimming baby, providing a similar effect to Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover. A voiceover provides a commentary on the struggles we face in life. “The day we are born is the last day we are free. Before you know we’re boxed in, held back, constrained, facing a lifetime of walls, roadblocks, and colouring between the lines. But what if we knew were free to go further. No walls. No ceilings. Nothing but possibilities. Welcome to seamless entertainment by LG.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The LG Marketing Strategy Team were VP KS Lee, general manager Daniel Park, managers Jumin Lee and Jay Kim, assistant manager Junghee Song.

The Freedom campaign was developed at Y&R New York by executive creative directors Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal, LG global creative director Darren Moran, creative director/art director Gabriel Hoskins, senior content producer Robert Beck, assistant content producer Kimberly Cross, music supervisor Eric David Johnson, senior business manager Ann Marie Turbitt, global managing partner Chris Goodman, global account managing director Marten Van Pelt, global account director Mike Acken, global account supervisor Julie Kwak, global senior account executive Alexandra Fergusson, global account coordinator Roger Ramirez.

Filming was shot by director Dante Ariola via MJZ with UK executive producer Debbie Turner, executive producer Jeff Scruotn, producer Natalie Hill.

Editor was Andrea McArthur at Peepshow Post, London, with executive producer Betsy Beale at Lost Planet.

VFX were produced at Framestore New York with a team led by head of production Alex Thomas and VFX supervisor Theo Jones.

Music was composed by Filip Mitrovic (Filip Marian).

The print/visual campaign was developed by Y&R creatives Jan Jaworski and Evan Benedetto, art producer Maggy Lynch-Hartley, photographer Martin Sigal, studio manager Juan Hegi, producer Martin Hillcoat, producer assistant Carla Lawrence, 1st assitant Julian Russo, 2nd assistant Federico Bottacini, hostess Marcela Hurtado, wardobe Virna Cortinovis, art director Marcela Albacete and art assistant Romina Albacete.