LG Borderless with Birds

LG is pushing the BORDERLESS™ televisions, the SL90 and SL80, with an advertising campaign encouraging viewers to go beyond the traditional boundaries of technology and design. “Birds”, a television commercial at the heart of the campaign, features an island of flightless gannets.

Isle of Flightless Birds


We’re taken to the Isle of Flightless Birds but discover that here live thousands of gannets, who should be able to soar across the sea. One bird alone has the courage to take flight and take off. “Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re being boxed in. We forget how to be free, until one day the barriers we thought were there suddenly weren’t. Introducing a TV designed to set your viewing experience free. Is it a TV or something better?”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The LG Birds campaign was created at Y&R, New York.

Filming for Birds was shot on an island off the coast of Scotland by director Dante Ariola via MJZ, with producer Natalie Hill.
VFX for Birds were produced at Framestore by head of production Laney Gradus, CG supervisors Theo Jones and Alex Thomas, senior Flame artist Ben Cronin, CG lead artist Theo Jones and lead animator Jim Huntermark. Post production work included removing birds in flight from the Scottish footage, leaving only grounded birds. No doubt the team also had the challenge of removing the white bird droppings from the cliffs.

Music was composed by Filip Mitrovic (Filip Marian).