Lawrence Arabia Apple Pie Bed

Musician Lawrence Arabia has been awarded the Apra Silver Scroll award for the best New Zealand song of the year for Apple Pie Bed. APRA, the Australasian Performing Right Association, administers rights to New Zealand artists’ music and collects royalties on their behalf. The song was voted the winner by New Zealand songwriters and composers who make up Apra’s membership. Lawrence Arabia, (James Milne), co-wrote the song with the Phoenix Foundation’s Luke Buda (Łukasz Paweł Buda).

Lawrence Arabia Apple Bie Bed

APRA NZ director, Anthony Healey said Apple Pie Bed was “beautiful pop music with an edge, songwriting genius”.

The music video places Lawrence Arabia as the straight guy in a party of middle aged swingers who revel raunchily in their underwear. It could be said that this is not the video to play at work.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Apple Pie Bed music video was directed by Luke Savage, represented by Fish n Clips (Flying Fish), Auckland.

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