Last Day Dream by Chris Milk

Director Chris Milk has released a short film, “Last Day Dream”, his contribution to 42-Second Dream Film Festival in Beijing, China (see our earlier review). In 42 seconds we’re provided glimpses of living from the point of view of a male, whose life is passing before his eyes.

Last Day Dream parents

We’re taken from the welcome of parents, through childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, marriage, children, grandchildren, through to the final farewell. All with Chris Milk’s piano accompaniment. Look out for Pauly Shore’s punch.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Last Day Dream was written and directed by Chris Milk with Radical Media producer Samantha Storr, associate producer Brad O’Connor (Dad), Filmcore editor Livio Sanchez, 740 sound designer Eddie Kim, Company 3 colorist Dave Hussey. Post production was done at Outpost Digital. The baby effects were developed at Creature Effects.

Chris Milk is known for directing music videos for Kanye West, U2, Green Day, and more. His portfolio can be found at See Last Day Dream in quicktime at