Lambient Media for, a British online travel booking site, is working with DLKW to launch the UK’s first ‘Lambient Media Campaign’. A flock of 30 Texel cross ewe sheep have been branded up with their average 43% saving message for those traveling on the train to see. The sheep have been placed in a field clearly visible along the Gatwick Airport to Reading line in Surrey.

Sheep advertising

Iain Hildreth, director of marketing for, says, “Sheep are a common sight from train windows right across the country. So, for us, using sheep as ‘billboards’ felt like an interesting and attention-grabbing area to explore, especially since sheep are featured so prominently in our advertising. After weeks of searching for the country’s most talented sheep, we feel we’ve really raised the ‘baa’ in advertising.

“We’re always looking to help our customers find the best deals on rail tickets, especially in the current climate. Sheep advertising seemed like the perfect medium to support our new advertising campaign and communicate the fantastic 43% saving people can make with”

Sheep advertising

Hugh Broom, farmer and owner of the sheep, says “Using sheep to advertise seems like such a simple idea, it’s surprising that nothing like this has been done before in the UK. There is quite a bit of surface area to work with, plus it’s sure to brighten up train travel. I just hope my ewes don’t start turning into divas!”

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The Lambient TV advert was shot in Wellington Station, New Zealand, and features 40 sheep who spent a month being trained by the sheep handler from the film ‘Babe’. The sheep were taught, among other things, how to baa on demand, step out of taxis and read newspapers. No computer generated imagery was used to manipulate their actions – just their favourite treat of digestive biscuits!

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Baarmy facts about sheep

  • The Texel originates from the Island of Texel, one of the north-western islands off Holland where it has been known since Roman times.
  • There are about 1 billion sheep on the planet (there are just over 6 billion people.)
  • Sheep can recognize individual human and ovine faces, and remember them for years.
  • Sheep have scent glands below their eyes, which are used during reproduction, and on their feet.
  • A sheep’s age can be gauged by counting the number of teeth it possesses. Their first adult teeth come through from the age of 12 months, and thereafter in pairs every year until they have eight teeth at age eight, when they start to break and fall out.
  • There are more than 200 breeds, including the most popular sheep for wool, the merino, and the carpet wool sheep, whose name is self-explanatory.
  • Sheep’s milk is ideal for cheese as it contains more fat and minerals than cow’s milk. Feta, pecorino and manchego are all made from sheep’s milk.

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