Lady Gaga Paparazzi

Lady Gaga‘s music video for Paparazzi was nominated for five awards at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009, held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City last night. The music video won the first two out of the following five nominations: Special Effects, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Direction in a Video. The 7:45 minute video opens with a 2:30 minute drama in which Lady Gaga struggles with double crossing boyfriend (Alexander Skarsgård) who has sold out to the paparazzi. The segment finishes with her falling from a balcony. Lady Gaga, despite the press coverage of her ended career, bounces back in a neck brace to dance with dead models, Snake of Eden (Daisy of Love), wearing a white jumpsuit made of filmstrips. Finally Lady Gaga has her moment of revenge, bringing back the attention of the press and police photographers.

Lady Gaga Paparazzi music video

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Lady Gaga is the recording name of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Paparazzi was filmed by Swedish director/editor Jonas Åkerlund via Serial Pictures and Factory Films, Los Angeles, with producer Steven Johnson, director of photography Eric Broms, art director Jason Hamilton, and editor Danny Tull. Special effects were developed at Chimney Pot.