Kodak Print and Prosper

Eastman Kodak Company has launched a global marketing campaign to support its line of all-in-one inkjet printers. Kodak’s “Print and Prosper” campaign exposes the issue of high-priced ink and how U.S. consumers have overpaid for inkjet printer ink to the tune of $5 billion in 2008 alone.

5 Billion Stain in Kodak print advertising campaign

5 Billion Too Much in Kodak print advertising campaign

5 Billion Stain in Kodak print advertising campaign

Robb Webb provides the voice over for a series of television commercials, including “Dripping”.

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By going to www.printandprosper.com, consumers can calculate in seconds how much they overpaid for ink and how much they can save with Kodak. The personalized numbers, based on printer type and usage, demonstrate that a switch to a KODAK All-in One Inkjet Printer will help consumers print more and pay less. Kodak has also engaged Laura Rowley, an ardent consumer advocate and financial expert, to help expose the issue of high-priced ink and uncover other ways consumers can trim costs at home. Rowley writes a Yahoo! Finance column and personal blog about finance and value.


The Kodak Print and Prosper campaign was developed at Deutsch New York by chief creative officer Peter Nicholson Partner, copywriter Morgan Carroll, art director George Decker, director of broadcast production Jim Frame, producer Laura Kirby, working with Eastman Kodak contact Leslie Dance.

Print, online, motion graphics and live action production was done at Prologue, Los Angeles, by director Bruce Schluter, art director Lisa Bolan, lead 2D animator Andrew Hildebrand, animator Jonny Sidlo, typographer Jose Luis Coyotl Mixcoatl, producer Ryan Reno Robertson, executive producer Claire O’Brien.

Post production was done at Nice Shoes, New York, by visual effects artist John Shea and assistant Jason Farber.

Sound was mixed by Rob McIver. Original music and sound design were produced at Elias Arts, New York, by creative director Fritz Doddy, producer Mercury Winberg, composer Matt Fletcher, sound designer Dean Hovey, and executive producer Dante Piacenza.

Photographer was Barbara Peacock.

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  • Jayanna Merritt

    I have a Dell printer and that was not one of your choices, lrt me know please what i can do. Thank You, Jayanna Merritt

  • Gail Buss

    You don’t have our printer Epsom Sytlus cx7800, plus it was very difficult to even find a place to reply. Booooooo on you.

  • Richard Askew

    A good and worthy concept, albeit clumsily executed by a major player – missing printer makes & models, no way to skip to calculator stage – so the ad stops there!!

    But the idea is sound. It appears many people limit their printing due to the high cost of ink and the awareness that it may soon run dry.
    So, infrequent printing leads to dried-up print heads, leading to lots of cleaning cycles and excessive ink use – just to print an Amazon receipt or details of a flight booking.

    There is a thin argument that the cost of cartridges subsidizes the cost of the printer.
    Surely, there is a parallel with digital cameras. The cost of taking an image is now small – so we take many more pics. If the cost of printing was likewise – wouldn’t this be an incentive to print more and often?

    BTW: I have objected in my own way to the costly nature of cartridges by attempting to use refills – with limited success!! More recently, I’ve been using a CISS (an external ink reservoir) – similar price to replacement cartridges, x10 capacity and more consistent, but avoid the cheap quality ones.

  • john merena

    i recently purchased 2 refill cartriges for my hp deskjet F380 printer
    none of the images shown match my cartriges
    i tried to contact inkplustoner three
    times to no avail
    i get the feeling i was taken for 32.80
    is there anything you can do to help

    date ordered 04/04/09
    invoice # 10123108
    customer # 107583
    order # 123108

  • jonathan