Koala Drinking H2O Spring Water

One of the most heart warming moments in the current bush fire tragedies of Victoria is a video showing a koala guzzling water out of a bottle held by a CFA fire fighter David Tree. It’s two and a half minutes of brand building that Australian company H2O Spring Water couldn’t have paid for. However, the winners in this story are the Country Fire Authority, whose volunteers are shown here as real people with a heart for the environment.

Sam the Koala drinks water

David Tree came across the stricken koala cowering in a burned out section of a forest at Mirboo North, some 150 km (90 miles) southeast of Melbourne. This koala was lucky to be alive. Normally koalas get their water needs from the eucalyptus leaves in their diet. However Sam, as the female koala was named, was only too keen to drink three bottles of spring water.

Despite the poor quality of this video, the story has spread through the world, appearing on television news channels and on the front pages of newspapers. Mark Pardew’s photograph of David Tree and Sam the Koala, taken on a mobile phone, is being sold by Melbourne’s Herald Sun shop, with proceeds going to the CFA (Country Fire Authority).