King Gee Bridge

KingGee, the Australian workwear company, is positioned as the choice of hard working achievers in the construction industry with “Span”, a television and print advertising campaign designed by Fenton Stephens, Melbourne.

King Gee Bridge

If you work in an office you don’t tell the kids about the memo you wrote. If you work as a dentist you don’t tell the kids about the tooth you capped. But when you build a bridge, well, you’ll be telling them about it every you damn time you drive over. King Gee. Working hard never felt better.

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“Span” was developed at Fenton Stephens, Melbourne, by executive creative director Alex Fenton, copywriter Campbell Smith, art director Chris Haydon, agency producer Lisa Ramsey.

Filming was shot by director Phil Meatchem via Film Graphics, with director of photography Daniel Ardilley.