Killed Ideas Brought To Life is launching “Killed Ideas”, an online collection of the best “killed ideas” (creative that never saw the light of day). Blurb believes that Killed Ideas is a natural extension of the things they value most – creativity, expression, achievement and community. Submissions are due at midnight on March 31.

Killed Ideas

Steve Hall of AdRants will be vetting and selecting the final 50 best killed ideas to appear in a book called Best Killed Ideas Vol. 1. To get the ball rolling he’s started the Killed Ideas blog, and will be featuring well known creative pieces that weren’t accepted by clients, starting with Mike Long’s JC Penney Dressing ad that made it to Cannes in 2008.

Inspiration Room Incentive

We’re offering a copy of the book to the best comment on this post referring to killed ideas, be them your own or others that you’ve seen dropped and brought to life. Fire away!


Ammo Marketing is responsible for creating and executing the Killed Ideas Brought To Life campaign.