Kid Cudi Make Her Say

Kid Cudi (American rapper and actor Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi) has collaborated with Kanye West and Common in his music video for “Make Her Say”, with over 90 split screen shots. Backdrops include a swimming pool, bleachers, a theatre, staircase and a car crusing along a road. The song includes a sample from Lady Ga Ga‘s 2008/2009 hit, Poker Face, found on her EP The Cherrytree Sessions. and is included on Kid Cudi’s new album, “Man On The Moon: The End Of Day”.

Make Her Say music video

Originally titled “I Poke Her Face”, the track was renamed to make it accessible to a wider audience. Common and Kid Cudi were filmed in New York while Kanye was filmed in Los Angeles. The group had wanted Lady GaGa to be included in the video, but she was too busy to make the appearance.

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Filming was shot by director Nez (Nez Khammel) via Colonel Blimp with director of photography Ketil Dietrichson and producer Georgina Fillmore.

Editing was done by Dan Sherwin via Final Cut.

Post production was done at The Mill by producer Matt Williams, colourist Mick Vincent, lead Flame artist Andy Bate, Flame assists Gareth Parr, Adam Lambert and Paul Downs, Data lab technicians David J Phillips, Michael Rossiter and Lewis Crossfield, and Smoke artist Zoe Casey-Hayes.

“The main challenge with this project was to achieve and maintain balance between the juxtaposed images,” Andy Bate, The Mill’s Lead Flame explains. “The intention from the offset was to create strong graphical compositions, so for a number of shots matte paintings were used to extend as well as create backdrops for the artists. This allowed us the freedom to position and fine tune the split screen compositions. Organisation was crucial on this video as the top and bottom sections cut at different points so each shot had to work compositionally with up to three other shots.”