Keep California Beautiful – Let’s Trash The Beach

Keep California Beautiful, an environmental organisation, has launched a tongue-in-cheek television commercial challenging the litter lifestyle associated with summer parties. Young men and women in their beach costumes appear in what appears to be a musical from the past filmed at Westward Beach, Malibu, California.

Lets Trash the Beach

The new season of UK football on Sky Sports and Sky Terrestrial networks has been kicked off with “Start of Season”, a TV advert designed to pick up the emotions felt by football fans everywhere.

A retro song-and-dance number features a group of beautiful teenagers who tell us that cleaning up is a hassle. “It’s more fun to build a garbage castle”. The urgency of the situation is brought home with broken glass, dirty diapers, and a hypodermic needle stuck in a girl’s foot. Click on the image below to play the video.


Beach Party was developed at BBDO West, San Francisco, by executive creative directors Jim Lesser and Jon Soto, creative director/art director Roz Romney and creative director/copywriter Neil Levy.

“California has historically been a very strong brand, but with high unemployment and a host of other problems tarnishing the state, this spot is one small step in trying to motivate people to take an immediate, easy action: cleaning up after themselves,” said Neil Levy of BBDO.

Filming was shot by director Geordie Stephens via Tool of North America with director of photography Ross Richardson, executive producer Brian Latt and Jennifer Siegel, line producer Jeff Tanner and production designer Peter Benson.

“Being on the West Coast I know firsthand the terrible state of the ocean and beaches here,” noted Stephens. “Rather than showing the stark reality like a nature channel documentary, we felt it would be more powerful to expose the conditions by painting an ironic tale. By taking a tongue-in-cheek approach emulating 1960s beach movies, the spot’s lyrics leave the viewer feeling inane if they’ve ever “trashed the beach.”

Editing work was done at The Whitehouse Post by editor Dan Oberle, assistant editor Jeff Carter and producer Joni Wright. Colorist was Beau Leon at New Hat. Online work was done at Vendetta by online artist Shauna Prescott. Title design was done at Superfad.

Music was produced at Human Worldwide. Sound was mixed by Joel Waters at Lime Studios, Santa Monica.