Jumper All Over The Page

The Best Advertising or Marketing Award at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Awards this year went to Soap Creative for their promotion of 20th Century Fox’s Jumper site.

Jumper screen shot from Save Yourself campaign

Jumper, the 2008 film adaptation of the 1992 Stephen Gould novel of the same name, features characters who have the ability to teleport themselves, pursued by Paladins who believe that this ability is an affront to God.

Jumper screen shot from Save Yourself campaignThe Jumper interactive campaign in Australia featured an over-the-page advertisement for the Jumper movie, brought to life through rich video that appeared to interact with page elements, giving the impression that the page was being taken over by characters from the movie. The OTP clicked through to a mock NineMSN Wide World of Sports page where the real battle began and users could enter a competition.


The Jumper campaign was developed at Soap Creative and 20th Century Fox. The team at Soap were delighted to receive their first award at AIMIA, but confess on their site that they weren’t able to attend the AIMIA Awards to collect the prize, being tied up with a regular Friday evening birthday celebration.

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