Joseph Better You Than Me

The Killers dedicated their 2008 music video for “Joseph, Better You Than Me” to the Product Red Campaign, the third in a series begun with A Great Big Sled in 2006, continued with Don’t Shoot Me Santa in 2007, and Happy Birthday Guadalupe in 2009. “Joseph, Better You Than Me” works through the Biblical story of Joseph, the man who was engaged to be married to Mary. When he discovers that Mary is pregnant he is stunned. The song features singers Elton John and Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys). The music video features footage from The Living Christ series, produced in 1951.

Joseph Better You Than Me

From the temple walls to the New York night
Our decisions rest on a child
When she took her stand
Did she hold your hand?
Will your faith stand still or run away
Run away


Filming was shot by director Tyler Trautman, director/producer Danny Drysdale and producer Mike Longenbach via Black Dog/RSA Films. Music was produced by Stuart Price and The Killers.

  • sam

    Interesting! It’s a well-written song. I like it. Very meaningful and touching.

    Bit surprised to hear it come from the Killers though! Unusual turn from their other songs.


  • DeuxDoppel

    Interesting song. The music video was low on production values though.