Jonas Brothers Bounce

The Jonas Brothers have launched a new music video for “Bounce”, a hip hop track featuring Demi Lovato. Demi starts the video off appearing on a screen, watched by Kevin Jonas who is joined by brothers Nick (with a mustache) and Joe (80s wig and headband). They’re joined by Jonas security guard Big Rob and Camp Rock 2 dancers.

Jonas Brothers Bounce Music Video


The music video was directed by JBD Productions. Music was produced by Nick J.

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  • gabriela

    I’m from Brazil and I love the jonas brothers. this vídeo is very nice. :)

  • Sylvia G

    Cute, I love this for the fact that it was filmed in my home town of Toronto.

  • Kaity

    Wow I love it!!!
    One quick question what’s it about?

  • amilia

    I think u guys are cool but your song and video for bounce is not cool no offense. And Nick and all u get the curls out of your HAIR no offense but ya. I have to go send me back by.

  • berty


  • Chaaîîny