Jim Beam Guys Never Change

Jim Beam is positioned as the bourbon whiskey for real men. Of course the “real men” stereotype involves interaction with the opposite sex, at a shallow level. “Puppies” shows guys who know that the cute factor is worth investing in, just to get the attention of women. “Girls” shows guys who stop what they’re doing when they notice a good looking woman passing by, together.

Jim Beam Puppy advertisement


The Guys Never Change campaign was developed at Energy BBDO, Chicago, by chief creative officer Dan Fietsam, creative director/art director Noel Haan, creative director/copywriter Derek Sherman, director of film and digital production Brigette Whisnant and agency producer John Pratt.

Filming was shot by director Zach Martin via BOB Industries, Los Angeles. Editor was Matthew Wood at The Whitehouse Post. Post production was done at Filmworkers Club, Chicago. Music and audio were produced at Earhole Studios, Chicago.