Jesus All About Life in NSW

The Bible Society in New South Wales is collaborating with local churches to run “Jesus, All About Life“, an advertising campaign using interactive, print and television commercial to encourage a positive public awareness of Jesus. The campaign, designed at 303 Sydney, is the latest incarnation of an advertising campaign launched in South Australia in 2005, Canberra in 2006, and ( and Tasmania in 2007 ).

Thanx for Dust Storms prayer

The first phase of the campaign used Facebook, Twitter and blogs inviting people to visit an online gallery at to contribute photographs and short prayers of thanks. The second phase of the campaign, launched on September 13, involved press, banners, web sites and posters on bus shelters.

Jesus All About Life Sunburn

The third phase of the campaign features cinema and television advertising, using “Jesus Has Answers”, a 30 second commercial narrated by a young adult, leading viewers to The script appears to be a simplified version of The Paradox of Our Age, originally published by Seattle minister Dr Bob Moorehead in 1995.

Hey Jesus, Thanks for everything.
Like, thanks for sunshine, but what about sunburn?
How come the more you have, the more you want?
We’ve got more friends, but less friendship,
More convenience, but less patience.
More hope, but more uncertainty.
A healthy body still isn’t good enough.
And how come the best things always have to end?

The ad finishes with the tag line, “Jesus Has Answers”, although there is no hint on how Jesus would answer the questions raised.

Click on the image below to play the video.


All about life began in 2002 as a series of think-tanks, chaired by Karl Faase, for Christian Television Australia. The concept was based on Power to Change from Campus Crusade in Canada.

The current campaign was developed at 303 Group by creative director Julian Watt, art director Bryan Dennis, copywriter Deborah Frenkel, agency producer Lucy Trengrove.

Filming was shot by director Jack Wung via Window Productions with producer Nick Simkins.

Sound and music were produced by Sandcastle Studios, and Alejandro Gomez, Eclectic Music and Sound Design. Post production was done at MRPPP.