Jemena Natural Gas Balloons

Jemena Natural Gas is behind an unbranded commercial released in Australia, featuring orange balloons and the music of Nylon Studios composer and singer Johnny Green. The campaign, online at, is encouraging Australian householders and businesses in NSW and Victoria to switch to gas before the winter cold hits.

Jemena Natural Gas Balloon

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The Natural Choice campaign was developed at agency Pulse Marketing Group by creative director Tony McMaster.

Filming was shot by director Jonathan Nyquist via Film Graphics, with director of photography Simon Duggan and producer Warwick Boulter.

Editing was done at The Tait Gallery.

Post production and VFX were developed at Fuel VFX, Sydney by VFX supervisors Mike Bain & Sam Cole and VFX Producer Celia Nicholas.

All the balloons were CG creations and were custom-designed to exacting detail by Filmgraphics’ director, Jonathan Nyquist, with input from Mike Bain, Fuel’s VFX Supervisor on the spot.

“We spent a long time with Jonathan getting the look of the balloons just right, and working on the details like the carbon fibre and stainless steel frames on the baskets,” explains Mike. “As soon as the plates came in Jonathan sat with one of our animators, blocking out the opening fully-CG underwater shot, and laying out the positions of every balloon in the live action shots.”

Meanwhile over in 2D, fellow VFX supervisor Sam Cole was setting up the various sky replacements and developing the look of the warm, comforting glows that the balloons take on when they fire their flame jets.

For the trivia buffs, many of these flame elements were sourced from a previous elements shoot staged in the Fuel carpark that featured Fuel resident fire-breather and producer, Felix Crawshaw.

Music is by Nylon Studios composer and singer Johnny Green. Jemena and Pulse Marketing have been receiving many requests from the public about where to buy the song.

“It’s always very flattering when people want to track down your music”, said Nylon EP Mark Beckhaus. “Johnny is very talented at composing, playing and singing and also producing tracks. He knows how to craft music that is both memorable and totally credible.”

Johnny Green has recently relocated to Nylon Studios’ New York facility but is still actively involved in composing and creating music for Australia as well as the USA.

See the Print Campaign in PDF.