Jeep Exits in Mexico

Jeep has been presented as the best off road option in Mexico with a set of three roadside billboards designed at BBDO Mexico. The agency had the challenge of strengthening the Jeep brand among their target, showing the essence of the brand, highlighting its unique capacity and performance off-road, with a ridiculously low budget. They placed three affordable billboards out of town on Mexico’s busiest highway over the summer, integrating them to the highway by using colors and typography resembling official signage. The billboards point to non-existent roads to Acapulco, Puerto Escondido and Eterna Juventud (Fountain of Youth) but include the small print – “Solo Para Jeep”, “Just For Jeep”.

Jeep Exit Billboard points to Acapulco

Jeep Exit Billboard points to Puerto Escondido

Jeep Exit Billboard points to Eterna Juventud (Fountain of Life)


The Exits campaign was developed at BBDO Mexico by executive creative director Héctor Fernández, creative directors Héctor Benitez and Miguel Murillo, art director Verónica Casas, copywriter Mariana Morales.

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