Jalna Yoghourt in A Little Pot of Purity

Jalna Yoghourt, an Australian brand of yogurt, is being promoted as the Pot of Purity in a television, print and outdoor advertising campaign. The Jalna brand began in the 1950s when a Polish farmer bought a property near Eltham, Victoria, and discovered a sign on the gate with the name Jalna. Over the years the family business has developed a reputation for healthy dairy products, strengthened in 1998 with the purchase of the Jalna BioDynamic Organic farm in the Goulburn valley. Note the spelling of the brand, “Yoghourt”, an alternative to the more common “yogurt” and “yoghurt”. In Canada, apparently, the dairy product is commonly referred to as yogourt.

Jalna A Little Pot of Purity commercial

The Jalna claim to fame is developing the culture in the bottle, without additives. An animated jar of yogurt is show floating through a magical world with its lid on, resisting potential contamination from cane sugar, additives and food colouring.

The Jalna Yoghourt print advertising campaign focuses on the guilt free nature of the snack, aimed at women who need to eat without worrying about impurity.

Jalna on Knifes Edge print advertisement
Jalna on Guilt Trip print advertisement
Jalna on Sense of Purity print advertisement


The Jalna Yoghourt Pot of Purity campaign was developed by freelancers Geoff Wilson and Grant Booker, with planner Christine Blackburn of Red Spider and producer Amanda Cain.

The animation was developed at Fin Design & Effects, Sydney, by creative director Grant Booker, director of photography Anna Howard, creative Christine Isaac, producer Anya Kruzmetra, executive producer Emma Daines, concept artist and designer Andrei Juradowitch, designer/motion compositor Maxence Peillon, Flame artist Christophe Allender, 3D and VFX supervisor Stuart White, 3D team Tom Corbett, Tim Streets, Philip Jackson, and Philip Sloggett, and online editor Luis Lu.

Music was composed by Elliott Wheeler, Turning Studios, with sound designer Barry Stewart.