Jack Bauer interrogates Santa Claus

Rebel Virals have produced and seeded their Christmas card for 2009 featuring Santa Claus along with Jack Bauer from the Fox television series 24. Santa’s been apprehended for suspicious behaviour and Jack wants answers. Kiefer Sutherland’s character Jack Bauer replays an interrogation scene with a bloodied Santa Claus in the hot seat. Santa admits it does look bad. He’s flying over the United States without a passport, dropping off bags, carrying a list of good and bad. Bauer wants names. Now.

Santa Claus interrogated by Jack Bauer


Rebel Virals are based in Bristol, UK.

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  • Tobias Jones

    I didn’t know Santa had a cockney English accent.

  • Deux Doppel

    Full marks to Nicholas keeping his cool under pressure. That was a brilliant mindgame at the end.

  • Marcelo Giglio Hyatt

    genial, great, awesome!
    sólo un par de detalles de continuidad en el vestuario de jack… pero.. para todos los efectos.

    Marcelo Giglio Hyatt

  • Suzanne Dickens

    I lived in Bristol 2010-2011. Jim (Santa) lived in the same block of flats and we met at the local. He was a good friend of mine. I love this video because I still get to see him. He’s also made some other appearances as Santa/Father Christmas – including on Dr. Who. Sadly we lost Jim about two years ago.