Intel Sponsors of Tomorrow

Intel, the silicon innovator and computer chipmaker, has launched an integrated branding campaign using the theme, “Sponsors of Tomorrow”. The global advertising campaign, scheduled to start on May 11, is being rolled out first in the USA, Germany and the UK, with teaser ads launched on the newly established Intel YouTube channel.

Intel Rock Star TV commercial

Rock Stars

The Rock Stars print advertisement is driven by the line, “Your rock stars aren’t like our rock stars.” A grunge rock ‘n roll band, in sunglasses and jeans behind bright stage lights, is contrasted with two bespectacled computer engineers in white lab coats in their techy environment. These guys are the designers of the very first microprocessor. “Back in 1969,” the ad says, “their Intel® 4004 blew people’s minds wide open – a tradition that’s still very much alive” at Intel. Mentioned by name is Ted Hoff (Marcian Edward Hoff, Jr) who designed the computer-on-a-chip microprocessor in 1968, that came on the market in 1971 as the Intel® 4004.

Intel Rock Star TV commercial

“Rock Star” also is the basis of a video for broadcast and online, this time focusing on Ajay Bhatt, one of the engineers responsible for developing the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port.

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For this concept and other creative in which Intel engineers are identified, the engineers are personified by hired actors. A bio of each engineer portrayed in the ads will be added to the campaign Web site, The employees may be part of future campaign elements.

“Several of the engineers we’re personifying confided that acting isn’t within their comfort zone,” said Sandra Lopez, Intel’s global consumer marketing manager. “We respect that and in the spirit of developing tomorrow’s ‘normal’ we appreciate that their focus is on winning patents, not Clios.”


“Oops,” is set at a technology convention where Intel is about to reveal a new microprocessor to a packed auditorium. As the dramatic unveiling is about to happen onstage, Intel employees and reporters struggle to find the tiny chip on the floor. The tagline: “Our big ideas aren’t like your big ideas.”

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Clean Room

“Clean Room”, another two-sided print ad, shows a little girl clearly proud of her tidy bedroom. To the right is another photo of lab technicians wearing “bunny suits” that help keep Intel’s cleanrooms 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room, a critical step to reduce the chance of airborne particles harming the chips.

Intel Clean Room TV commercial

Text For Tomorrow

Digital billboards in New York, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and other locations will show texts from the public around the world.

The campaign Web site,, ties the “Text for Tomorrow” effort together.

Traditional billboards and bus stop shelters in various markets will bear witty factoids along with the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” slogan next to the Intel logo. Examples are “Today is so yesterday” and “Our sandbox is the size of a fingernail. And 41,000 engineers play in it.”

To ring in the new campaign a group of Intel employees will ring the ceremonial opening bell for the NASDAQ Stock Market at 9:30 a.m. EDT on May 11. The ceremony will be broadcast live in Times Square on the video screen of the seven-story NASDAQ building and at

Retail campaigns include merchandising materials and in-store demos to online ads and training for retail salespeople. The essence of “Sponsors of Tomorrow” will also be incorporated into Intel’s online materials developed to assist consumers researching PC purchases. A heavy internal campaign is already underway at Intel campuses throughout the world.


The Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign was developed at Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, the first since the agency was awarded the Intel account in January 2009.

“Most of the world knows Intel as a huge, multi-national chipmaker, but the company is much more than that,” said Paul Venables, the agency’s founder and co-creative director. “The more we learned about Intel, the more we realized how narrow our perception had been. This company is forging the future in so many unfathomable ways, and what a shame it is that the general consumer has no idea.”

Global media planning was handled by OMD.