Instant Kiwi Live A Little with Mexi Doug

New Zealand Lotteries is riding the waves of popularity with Mexi Doug, a series of television commercials featuring a shy young man named Doug, and his alter ego Mexi Doug. The Instant Kiwi advertising campaign began with three TV ads, “Dance”, “Get A Perm”, and “Biscuit”, and now continues with “Gnome”, “Awesome” and a tie in with a 20 year anniversary version of Bunjee Fishing. Mexi Doug, a Filipino Kiwi called Leand Macadaan, is popping up in Mexican posters, Facebook groups, live events and The “Get A Perm” ad was listed as one of the most popular five commercials in New Zealand on TVNZ Fair Go Ad Awards last night.

Instant Kiwi Doug and Mexi Doug in Get A Perm ad

Does a flamingo forget how to fly? Listen! That is not a dance floor, Doug. That is your destiny! Click on the image below to play the Dance video.

The time for biscuit is upon us! Click on the image below to play the Biscuit video.

Get a perm! Get a perm! Get a perm! Click on the image below to play the Perm video.

Increase your chances to get lucky! Click on the image below to play the Awesome Today video.

You should probably get that Terry! Click on the image below to play the Gnome video.

A classic commercial from 1989 is joined by Mexi Doug. Click on the image below to play the Bungy Jumping Fisherman video.

Instant Kiwi Commuters

Instant Kiwi Convertibles

Instant Kiwi Curry

Instant Kiwi Leather


The Mexi Doug campaign was developed at DDB New Zealand, Auckland, by executive creative director Toby Talbot, deputy creative directors Regan Grafton and Bridget Taylor, creatives James Tucker, Simon Vicars, Damian Galvin, Carlos Savage, agency executive producer Judy Thompson, agency producer Kim Baldwinson and account team Andrew Stephenson and Joni Rogers.

Filming was shot by director Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop with producer Tony Whyman.

Sound was designed by audio engineer John Cooper at Liquid Studios.

The original Bungee ad was directed by Lee Tamahori at Flying Fish. Extra work was directed by Luke Savage at Flying Fish with producer Anna Stuart, with post production done at Perceptual Engineering. Editor was Ken Sparks. Sound post production was done at Liquid Studios.