INPES Chance for Smokers

INPES, France’s National Institute of Prevention and Health Education, is running an epic television commercial reminding French smokers not to blow their chances of survival. 13.7 billion years ago when all was just a vast expanse of nothingness, we had around one chance in 200 billion for the big bang to occur and for the universe to expand…

INPES Chance baby


The Chance ad was developed at DDB Paris by creative director Alexandre Hervé, art director Faustin Claverie, copywriter Fabien Teichner and agency producer Julie Mathiot, account director Mathieu Roux, account supervisors Orane Faivre De Condé and Vanessa Emsallem.

Filming was shot by directors Manu et Fleur via Les Télécréateurs and UFO, Paris.

Music and sound were produced at THE.