Ilta-Sanomat The way it was meant to be

Ilta-Sanomat (Evening News) is one of Finland’s major daily newspapers, run by Sanoma. Sanoma noticed that the newspaper was being read more and more online, resulting in decreasing sales of the actual paper. The company refined the two media, resulting in an online portal telling the news as it happens and inviting public interaction, and a printed paper revealing the stories behind the news, going deeper. The television and online advertising campaign, “The Way It was meant to be”, has won a number of awards, including most recently a Golden Drum in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Ilta Sanomat commercial

It’s an epic story told in black and white, the story about what the world would have looked like in the 1930s if the world wide web and newspaper had co-existed. Not the Internet as we know it today, but a web constructed out of huge mechanical devices, wires, cogs and man powered machines.

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The Way It Was Meant To Be was developed at Hasan & partners, Helsinki, by executive creative director Eka Ruola, art director Mikael Nemeschansky, copywriter Anssi Järvinen.

Filming was shot by director Magnus Renfors via Hobbyfilm with producer Christian Rehnfors and director of photography Kjell Lagerroos.

Post production was done at Stopp, Stockholm, visual effects supervisor Johan Boije.

Sound and music were produced at Music Super Circus by sound designer Edward Björner, music supervisor Macke Bergqvist and composer David Engellau.