Iglo Fish Now With Chili Cartoons

German cartoonist Marcus Weimer, from Rattelschneck, has provided his humorous touch for an advertising campaign for iglo’s new chilli fish sticks. Four cartoons show personified frozen goods indulging in an affair with a chili pepper, each cheating on their classic side dish partners, chips, lemon, broccoli and Vino Verdi (Green wine). The cuckolded spouses react with absurdly witty retorts like “What? Sour isn’t sweet enough for you anymore?”, “Put your fins where I can see them – all of them!”. “Jetzt Mit Chili”, is translated from German into English as “Now With Chili”.

Iglo Fish with Chili and Lemon

Sauer macht lustig reicht wohl nicht mehr? (“What? Sour isn’t sweet enough for you anymore?)

Iglo Fish with Chili and Chips

Sofort flossen auf die decke – auch rückenflosse! (Put your fins in the air!)

Iglo Fish with Chili and Broccoli

Abend! du stehst da wie ein gefrorenes fish stäbchen (Evening! Why are you standing there like a frozen fish stick?”)

Iglo Fish with Chili and Vino Verde

Das sind kleine serviervorschläge – das sind beweisfotos (These are small servings. The photos are proof!)


Marketing director Jörg Schäffken at iglo GmbH, Hamburg, worked with product managers Melanie Erler and Janine Milosch.

The campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends, Hamburg by creative managing director Stefan Setzkorn, art directors Ratko Cindric, Suze Barrett, copywriters Kanak Mehra, Dennis Lück, consultants Alexander Yazdi, Karolina Kurzaj, Anika Hübner, art buyers Kerstin Mende and Christiane Gundlach, illustrator Marcus Weimer at Rattelschneck and graphic designer Bettina Pingel.

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