IET Beware of the Monkeys

Don’t feed the monkeys (or give them a socket set). That’s the message in a new 2 minute comedy sketch promoting The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London, Glasgow and Birmingham. A visitor to Monkey Jungle discovers that the warning signs are there for a reason as he witnesses a troop of monkeys dismantling a car and reusing the parts to build their own vehicle.

Beware of the Monkeys sign in IET commercial


The IET Monkeys ad was developed at Rebel Virals

The IET is better known for their behind-the-scenes work developing the science, engineering and technology industry, rather than their bold marketing strategies. But as James Trezona, Director of Rebel Virals, explains, viral is the perfect choice to add an emotive edge to the IET’s traditional brand heritage.

He said, “With viral marketing, the normal rules don’t apply. Brands aren’t governed by precedents, so are free to do something different. This is the IET’s first viral, so we took the opportunity to bring out their wilder side, to find a new voice that connects with their audience on a more emotional level.”

The strapline, ‘Evolve quicker’, articulates the IET’s capacity to advance the careers of industry professionals. But this sentiment also seems to serve as an internal mantra for the organisation.

“We’re refreshing the IET’s brand, helping to cast off the commonly-held belief that engineers and scientists are somehow dull and stuffy” said Hillary Cannon, IET Corporate Brand Manager. “We’re trying to remind people of our quirky, adventurous spirit through our new brand and recent marketing efforts. We think this viral will go a long way to helping us achieve that goal.”

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