I Want to Be A Baby Online

Egg, a baby fashion line by Susan Lazar, is being promoted on iwanttobeababy.com, a site developed by Marta Ibarrondo, New York. It’s a site for anyone who has ever looked at a baby and said to themselves, “you lucky devil”. For those of us who wish we could just lay around in comfortable pajamas all day, get fed, not work, not cook, not pay bills, not have to remember birthdays and of course, just poop and slobber all day while everyone just made goofy faces at you trying to make you smile and laugh. The site includes stop motion videos, celebrity cartoons, ringtones, desktop images (see below), and of course lots of clothes. See also the associated Facebook site.

I want to be a baby in a crib

I want to be a baby in a stroller

I want to be a baby in nappies with baby powder

Mom steals Baby’s Crib

A tired mom decides that her daughter’s crib is more comfortable than her own bed.

Man Takes Over Baby’s Room

A man has the time of his life putting on a diaper, playing with toys and discovering a magic puzzle..


The Iwanttobeababy campaign was developed at Marta Ibarrondo, New York, by creative director/art director/copywriter Marta Ibarrondo, copywriters Bob Havlena and Guida Valiente, copywriter/director of photography/photographer Ted Sabarese, illustrator Abraham Sandor Szomor. Post production was done by stop motion animator and after effects artist Leandro Carbonell and colorist Bruno de la Calva at WildChild Post. The site was designed by Flash designer Kendall Thomas.