I Live I Ride I Am Jeep

Jeep’s i live. i ride. i am. Jeep. campaign that launched in October with a new tagline: “i live. i ride. i am. Jeep.” The tagline is designed to sum up Jeep’s unique lifestyle and re-establish the brand with a new look, feel and attitude, reaching new demographics. The campaign, online at www.jeep.com, offers users the chance to express their aspirations in an interactive environment “fridge magnet poetry”. Three television commercials and a concentrated outdoor campaign centred on New York City take the off road vehicle range to people whose lives have become focused on the demands of the city.

Jeep Poetry


Off road experiences in a 4WD Jeep are presented as the way to really live, as opposed to appearing in or watching reality television shows. The spot ends with a silver Liberty.


We’re presented with the choice of watching the clock, and maybe one’s back, or greedily, rightfully seizing every ticking moment and never giving one of them back. The spot ends with a red Rubicon.

It’s Only Hair

The new TV spot, “It’s Only Hair,” opens with shots of women in hair salons. “Even after waiting a month to get an appointment and spending two hours in the chair, only the on-air freedom of the 2010 Jeep Wrangler can make vanity fly right out the window,” says the voiceover.

Thanksgiving in Times Square

Jeep took over New York’s Times Square on Thanksgiving Day with videos on the electronic billboards on the NASDAQ and Reuters buildings at 43rd Street and Broadway and 43rd Street and 7th Avenue. The advertising banners and 30-second videos run from 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning until 2 a.m. Friday, Nov. 27.

“New York City on Thanksgiving Day provides a tremendous opportunity to communicate the unique Jeep spirit of freedom and adventure to a broad and diverse audience,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “With millions of people arriving in New York for one of America’s most celebrated traditions, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the iconic Jeep brand will dominate the scene with a vast presence in Times Square and in subways and train stations throughout the city.”

Jeep in the Subway

In addition to the Times Square takeover, Jeep has also extended its presence into New York’s subways and train stations, with new rotunda banners, “wrapped” stairs and floor graphics.

Jeep Trading 40 Hours for 40 MPH

“The subway is the ultimate anti-Jeep experience,” said Manley. “It’s crowded, stifling and routine – everything that Jeep is not. So why is it the right venue for Jeep? Because it allows us to communicate the Jeep philosophy of freedom and adventure to an audience that is completely captive, as well as ethnically, culturally and economically diverse. It offers an extensive number of impressions, not bound by time of day. And it provides a platform for a tailored message.”

Beginning earlier in November, more than half a million daily commuters have been immersed in the new look and feel of the brand in New York’s Penn Station through a variety of creative elements including rotunda banners, “wrapped” stairs and floor graphics.

The PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) Train, connecting commuters between New York and New Jersey, includes multiple executions, such as signage and an impactful video of the Jeep Wrangler that is being projected onto the subway tunnel wall. The 15-second video is visible to passengers as they ride the train.

In addition to Penn Station, Jeep also took over the Grand Central Station and Times Square Shuttle, which features interior and exterior train wraps with messaging that captures elements of the Jeep lifestyle.


The I Live I Ride I Am Jeep campaign was developed at Global Hue, Detroit.

Post production was done at Grace & Wild, Detroit. Editors were Michelle Ballard (Clocks) and Chris Moore (Reality) at Griot. Work at Postique was produced by editors Jeff Fleck and Kyle Thatcher, audio engineers Darin McGowan and Esther Nevarez, graphic designers Don Pascoe, Lori Woods, Tim Heslip, Adam Perzanowski and Nicole Finateri.

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