How to get a seat on the Tube

Coca Cola Schweppes ran a print advertisement in London newspaper The Times on May 15, making the most of the storm over swine flu, a part of the ongoing Experience Matters cartoon series developed at Mother London. Titled, “How to get a seat on the Tube”, the ad shows a man wearing a Mexican style sombrero hat travelling alone with a box of tissues. However, after complaints from the Mexican embassy, Coca Cola Schweppes decided not to continue with the print campaign.

Schweppes Mexican on Tube

Coca-Cola Great Britain explains the withdrawal of the print advertisement. “The essence of the Schweppes ‘Experience Matters’ campaign is celebrating the very British tradition of satire. The cartoons are designed to bring a smile to an otherwise gloomy news agenda and reflect topical issues in the news. It is not our intention to offend however, and following discussions with the Mexican Embassy in London, we took the decision to remove the advert immediately.”

Image via Flickr. Story via Deborah Bonello at LA Times.

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  • Marcela

    Estan denigrando la imagen del mexicano, afortunadamente nos dimos cuenta y estamos dejando de consumir coca-cola en protesta a este dibujo.

  • Ricardo Aleman

    This is shit!!!

    Influence virus is not a joke in America.

    Shame on you!

  • Aaron from Mexico

    Even though the campaign is witty and satirically comical, I liked it… I ask myself, who still consumes coca cola products?

    Aunque la campaña publicitaria se me hace bastante chistosa y me gustó, me pregunto, ¿Quien consume coca cola o va a burger king?

  • R M

    Taking a racial stereotype, adding a layer of fear from an epidemic, and trying to have a laugh at the expense of someone else’s misery is in the poorest of taste and openly racist. Shame on Schweppes for even commissioning this.

  • Juan Medina

    It’s a shame that we have to still seeing things like this … this is racist, offensive and they are taking this flue problem as a joke and at the same time making Mexican people look bad and creating wrong stereotypes

    No more Coca-Cola

  • brunilde

    never again will i consume any of your drinks….your campaing is just as harmful. SHAME ON YOU. You Britts used to be nice even when your sense of humour was sort of…WEIRD now you stink.

  • Jorge

    jajaja es una broma, vean lo que dice abajito
    soy mexicano y no me importa. lo que sabemos nosotros es
    lo que nos debe importar 😀
    it’s a joke!