How Do You Rate Advertising?

How do you judge the merits of an advertising campaign? In some ways that depends on your perspective. Clients may be interested in budget and time lines. Creative may be interested in originality. Here on The Inspiration Room we have a facility for readers to rank each creative piece out of five. Here’s what I’m thinking when I put my ranking up…

Post Ratings

1. Connection with the target audience.

I must admit I’ve posted a lot of campaigns that did little for me personally. I am not the target market for work designed for women, for example. But I know that advertising effectiveness comes down to getting the attention of those who need to pay attention, using whatever it takes to keep them focused, whether that be humour, shock, fascination or beauty.

2. Information shared in a memorable way.

We’ve had comments from people concerned about the lack of information conveyed in 30 second commercials. That’s a luxury advertisers can use in print and online media. But when you’ve only got a fleeting glance at a piece of creative work you need to remember the name of the brand or organisation, and where to find out more.

3. Motivation for action, loyalty or conversation.

The “So what” factor is a critical element in my assessment of a campaign. What are people expected to do? Feel good about a brand? Go somewhere, buy something, donate or volunteer, join or start a conversation?

4. Artful design, marked by creativity, technical excellence and originality.

Compelling copy, design, illustration, photography and film, go together with memorable music, to provide an entertainment experience that changes the consumer. This is more than performance. It’s transformance.

5. Ethical standards, within legal parameters.

Sure, at times it’s good to push past the cultural norms and surprise people with new perspectives. That’s what art has to offer. Advertisers have a responsibility to keep their persuasive power in touch with truth, human rights and public sensitivities.

What would you put in your list of criteria? Do you think any of these carry more weight than others?

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