Hopenhagen Online Movement for Hope at Copenhagen

Hopenhagen, an online environmental movement, was launched at Cannes 2009 by The United Nations, the International Advertising Association (IAA) and a coalition of the world’s leading advertising, marketing and media agencies. The movement is designed to empower global citizens to engage in the December U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. This post is linked with Blog Action Day 2009, focusing on climate change.

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“Climate change is a universal challenge, and we believe the world’s citizens are ready to act – they are just seeking the right platform,” said IAA Executive Director Michael Lee. “The strategy and stunning creative concept for the Hopenhagen idea came from WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather team, the digital framework and direction were developed by MDC Partner’s Colle+McVoy, and the global PR and messaging plans were spearheaded by Omnicom Group’s Ketchum. The collaboration that has taken place among the world’s leading agencies to develop this campaign for the United Nations is unprecedented and a testament to the significance the industry places on the need for action to address climate change.”

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The creative concept of Hopenhagen stemmed from the idea that the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen is an opportunity to protect people and the planet and to power global green growth in order to adjust the fate of the planet. The campaign’s creative materials will emphasize the need to shift from “coping” or ignoring our global challenges to “hoping” and ultimately acting to create a new reality.

Social Networking

The Hopenhagen Passport application provides Facebook users with a passport in which they can earn stamps for making the world a better place. Inviting friends increases a user’s credit as they earn points for actions their friends take. The Hopenhagen team are running a Twitter account with frequent updates.

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Major companies behind the Hopenhagen campaign are Coca Cola (see their citizenship page), SAP software (see their sustainability page), and Siemens (see their environment page).

Hopenhagen Road to Sustainability Starts Here

Severe Hurricanes

The number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes has doubled in the last 30 years. On December 7, leaders from 192 countries will gather at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to help solve our climate crisis. Lets turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen.

Water Shortages

Nearly half the worlds population will experience critical water shortages by the year 2025. On December 7, leaders from 192 countries will gather at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to help solve our climate crisis. Lets turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen.

Carbon Emissions

Over 30 billion tons of CO2 emissions are released into the air each year.

  • The conference in Copenhagen is likely to be a very important one historically. This might well be our last chance to turn things around.


  • foottothefire

    Canada’s PM, Stephen Harper intends to be at the conference. I urge any and all in Copenhagen who can, to show up at the conference to denounce this man. Harper has only one claim to fame; he scuttled a KYOTO conference. Harper is a hard right, self serving politico who openly sneers at the environmental movement.

  • Steve

    This is ridiculous. Take the hurricane BS in the ad – hurricanes run in cycles of 30 years, so, duh, the number has doubled since the low. The cap and trade crap is just a scheme to control more and more of your lives (and fortunes) and you just merrily go along with it because it “makes you feel good”; you’re “making a difference”. Ask Al Gore why he hasn’t reduced his huge carbon footprint – because he knows it’s a scam. Wake up.

  • We’re going to save your future too Steve, even as you shillbillies make it all the harder.