Honda Jazz Fits Anything You Can Imagine

Honda Australia is promoting the Honda Jazz as the versatile vehicle of choice with “Imagination”, a television commercial using 1.4 million virtual megablocks. The commercial demonstrates the car’s interior space and versatility using the language of a strikingly familiar object – a child’s plastic block. More than a million multi-coloured Mega Bloks flow into and out of the car, transforming into a series of objects along the way – a giant dog chasing a ball, a sneaker-wearing octopus, a surfboard riding a tidal wave, a submarine, and more.

Honda Jazz with Lego Pieces

The technical team measured the interior of the Honda Jazz, calculating the total volume of the car to be equivalent to 1,469,333 Mega Bloks. Each object in the commercial was then designed using this full complement of blocks. The commercial was finally stitched together from 366 still photographs taken over 12 hours.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Fits campaign was developed at 303 Advertising, Perth, by creative director Julian Watt, art director Bryan Dennis, copywriters Gary du Toit and Deborah Frenkel, marketing director/strategist Jon McKie, agency producer Lucy Trengrove, business director Kelly Ryan and business manager Sarah Low working with Honda Australia advertising manager Nick Harris, general marketing manager Kevin Lillie and marketing cordinator Romina D’Amico.

Filming was shot by director Kris Moyes via Revolver with executive producer Michael Ritchie, producers Georgina Wilson and Carolin Barry.

Post production was done at Animal Logic by producer Melanie Wickham, visual effects supervisor Jesse Bradstreet and production coordinator Hayley McInerney.

Music, by Elliott Wheeler at Turning Studios, was recorded at Nylon Studios, Sydney.