Honda Insight on Beach

Honda is promoting the versatility of the Insight hybrid with “Beach”, a 30 second commercial using “The Honey Tree,” a track by Mostar Diving Club (Damian Katkhuda). Visual effects, editing and clever filming are used to create more and more surprises at the beach, with a game of checkers used to highlight the range of options available in the Honda Insight line of cars.

Hand playing checkers in Honda Insight Beach commercial

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The Honda Insight Beach ad was developed at RPA by chief creative officer David Smith, creative directors Joe Baratelli and Pat Mendelson, senior copywriter Adam Lowrey, art director Laura Hauseman, agency executive producer Gary Paticoff, agency senior producer Brian Donnelly, agency assistant producer Lyndsey Wilson, print photographer Benedict Redgrove.

Filming was shot by directors Si & Ad (Simon Atkinson and Adam Trowley) via Park Pictures with director of photography Eric Treml, supervising producer Mary Ann Marino, line producer Ahnee Boyce, executive producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee (Park Pictures NY) and executive producer Lizie Gower (Academy Films, London).

Editor was Eric Zumbrunnen via Final Cut with executive producer Saima Awan, with post producer Kelly Garcia.

Music was produced at HUM by executive producer Jeff Koz, music supervisor Tricia Halloran, producer Chanel Scott.

VFX was done at Ring of Fire by executive producer Casey Conroy, creative director Jerry Spivack, VFX Supervisor Dan Smiczek.

Sound was mixed by Loren Silber at Lime Studios.

  • ed wilberg, sr.

    Personally I think the ad campaign falls far short and is so bland. People will still be buying the Toyota Prius even though they are much more expensive.

    The flipper up and down shifter paddles would be better served as manual regenerative braking on the left side and maual power assist on the right side as the origional Insight set the standard for hybrid cars.

    I would have made a “We Are Back” ad campaign and we are better than ever!!! Move aside Prius!!!

  • Insight Ranger

    This car is a diamond in the coal field. Outperforms every other car in this category. If you are in a mood to buy that’s completely performance bound with superb styling, Don’t miss out this one, Honda really manufactured a superb all-rounder vehicle.