Honda Everything

Honda has launched a new television advertising campaign bringing together elements of Honda’s broad product range, ATVs, marine engines, motorcycles, the humanoid robot, ASIMO, and the British-built Civic sedan. The new spot, “Everything”, debuts during the premiere of James Cameron’s film Avatar in cinemas on Thursday 17 December, and on television screens from 18 December.

Honda Engine Start

A door opens onto the world of the Honda, allowing us witness Honda drivers walking to their vehicles. It’s time to start the engine and accelerate, in cars, on bikes and boats. The video edits together a range of roads, terrains and conditions before Asimo kick starts the deceleration phase. “Everything we do goes into everything we do.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The Everything project was developed at Wieden+Kennedy London by copywriter Sam Heath and art director Chris Groom.

“Our intention was to make a film that illustrated Honda’s broader view of engineering,” said Chris Groom, the creative director at Wieden+Kennedy. “Through a fluid series of fractured visuals, music and sound design we wanted to demonstrate how everything they make and do is interconnected and distilled into its cars.”

Filming was shot by director Scott Lyon via Outsider.

Editor was Richard Orrick at Work Post. Post production was done at The Mill.

The film was shot over five days; on a high security Spanish test track, on water, and in Honda’s UK training facility – the Honda Institute. There are 972 edits over 17 video layers – making each section essentially an edit in itself.

The soundtrack is ‘Atlas’, by Battles from their 2007 album Mirrored. Download the track online at iTunes: Atlas – Mirrored

Sound was designed by Martin Hernandez.