HONDA Environment Photography

Honda presents its environmental approach to motoring with a set of five print advertisements featuring photography by Guido Mocafico.

Honda H print advertisement

Fancy a cuppa? Put the engine on then. Because the only emission from the hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity is steam. That’s right, a little bit of hot water. But don’t take our word for it – just ask the Mayor of San Francisco. After all, he did treat himself to a glass, straight from the exhaust. Do you believe in the power of dreams?

Honda O print advertisement

What can you make with sweetcorn? A nice salad? A tuna sandwich? Or maybe a car interior? That’s what Honda engineers have been busy preparing for the FCX Clarity. Using oil from the corn to create a new bio-fabric that’s tougher than leather but takes far less energy to make. Delicious. Do you believe in the power of dreams?

Honda N print advertisement

Thinking of changing your energy supplier? Switch to Honda. Our Home Energy System will one day not only refuel your car but power the rest of your house too. It works using solar panels and a clever little hydrogen fuel cell. So soon you’ll be able to fill up the car and run the bath too. Do you believe in the power of dreams?

Honda D print advertisement

Dinner for 3 billion guests. Where do you start? Rice is good, especially as it forms the staple part of half the world’s diet. Problem is rice plants are prone to wind damage. So Honda engineers have grown a shorter, hardier version, which means bigger harvests and fewer people going hungry. Do you believe in the power of dreams?

Honda A print advertisement

Nothing beats catching a few rays of sunshine. Apart from catching a few more. So Honda engineers have developed some new solar panels filled with specials cells. These capture more power than old panels, yet take half the energy to make. And can be found sunbathing up on our factory roof. Do you believe in the power of dreams?


The Environment campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy London by creative directors Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth, art director/typographer Guy Featherstone, art director Chris Groom, copywriter Stuart Harkness, photographer Guido Mocafico, project manager Mark D’Abreo, account handlers Ryan Fisher and Jonathan Tapper, model maker GaĆ«l Langevin, retouchers Danny Holden and Dan Richardson, and photographer Guido Mocafico. See the photos without the script at Herves Sauvage.