Honda Dream The Impossible in Documentaries

Honda has commissioned a series of short film documentaries to build on the the corporate theme, “Power of Dreams”. The immersive web site,, features documentary footage of real people sharing real stories about Honda’s approach to developing solutions to everyday business challenges.

Light bulbs in Honda Dream the Impossible documentary

The campaign debuted with three short documentary films between six and eight minutes in length. Two of the films, Kick Out The Ladder and Failure: The Secret to Success, discuss core values that have inspired generations of Honda associates by telling the stories of impossible engineering challenges and exploring where failure brought Honda and what success came of it. The third film, 2088, explores the future of mobility.

The campaign targets 25-to-49-year-old adults with a youthful spirit, who are comfortable with technology, who value authenticity, and who are drawn to brands they can relate to, connect with, or admire. The Dreams site is being promoted with television spots using footage from the films, along with online media such as unique page takeovers, roadblocks and pre-roll placements, on relevant Web sites that appeal to the target: technology, news and social media.

Kick Out the Ladder

The concept of being led up to the roof and kicking out the ladder is used as a metaphor for being challenged to achieve seemingly impossible goals with stories and anecdotes from Honda associates. The philosophy is used as an “impossible engineering” platform focusing on the story of the new Insight, safety, innovation and U.S. manufacturing with footage of Honda’s newest auto manufacturing plant in Greensburg, Indiana.

Interviewees are Chuck Thomas, Manager Honda Vehicle Safety, Takeo Fukui, Global President and CEO, Yasunari Seki, Large Project Leader with Honda Insight, Jim Keller, senior manager/chief engineer for Honda Vehicle Chassis Design, Steve Butz, Associate with Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, Tom Elliott, retired Executive Vice President of American Honda, Karen Heyob, associate chief engineer in the Honda Green Factory Program, David Marek, Director of Honda Advanced Design Studio.

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Failure: The Secret to Success

Honda’s belief in the importance of never being afraid to try something new is explored with stories held together with Thomas Edison’s perseverance in developing the light bulb. Through personal experiences of Honda associates and those affiliated with Honda, such as IndyCar driver Danica Patrick, the film explores failures and risks taken that helped lead to new innovations.

Also are appearing are John Kessler and Christian Imhof, engineers with Honda Performance Development, Jim Keller, senior manager/chief engineer for Honda Vehicle Chassis Design, Takeo Fukui, Global President and CEO, Robert Clark, retired President of Honda Performance Management, Tom Elliott, retired Executive Vice President of American Honda, Margo Beylen, manager of Honda Auto Design Color and Trim, Erik Berkman, President of Honda Performance Development, Dave Marek, Honda Advanced Design Studio.

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Mobility 2088

This documentary centers on the future of mobility as told by a collection of academics, scientists, sci-fi writers and artists, including film directors Christopher Guest and Joe Johnston, architect/urban designer Mitchell Joachim, design editor Chee Pearlman, science fiction writers Ben Bova and Orson Scott Card, The film asks, “How will people get from point A to point B in 80 years?”

To further connect with independent, entrepreneurial consumers, “Mobility 2088” will air at an exclusive screening before the highly anticipated “Mary and Max” at the Sundance Film Festival. Honda is the exclusive automotive sponsor of the Festival.

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The Documentary campaign was developed at RPA (Rubin Postaer and Associates) by chief creative officer David Smith, associate creative director/copywriter Todd Carey, creative director/art director Curt Johnson, executive producers Barbara Ponce and Gary Paticoff, graphic designer Chris Rubino, photographer Davi Russo.

Interactive aspects of the campaign were developed at RPA by chief creative officer David Smith, executive producer Gary Paticoff, creative director/art director Curt Johnson, associate creative director/copywriters Todd Carey and J Barbush, associate creative director/art director Luis Ramirez, senior art director David Mesfin, senior copywriter Brenna Hajek, user experience lead Alex Yra, technology director Scott Westerfield and technologist/Flash artist Jeff Siegal.

“Ultimately, we hope these films will intrigue and inspire people by giving them a look into Honda’s unique philosophy—that impossible dreams can be realized through determination, creativity and hard work,” said Todd Carey, associate creative director at RPA.

Filming was shot by Derek Cianfrance via Radical Media with director of photography Andrij Parekh, executive producer Frank Stiefel, and line producer Andrew Flakelar.

Editors were Jim Helton and Ben Coccio at Outpost Digital. Music was composed at Q Department.