Honda Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More

Honda and Wieden+Kennedy London have come out with a new animated television commercial focusing on the environment. As in the award-winning “Grrrr”, Garrison Keillor provides the voiceover for cute animation, telling the story of Honda’s environmental endeavours and encouraging the public to do what they can as well. The 2-minute, animated Do’er spot premiered on the UK’s Channel 4 on April 4, during an airing of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, highlighting Honda’s history of progressive, environmental heritage. The “Do’er” Honda story was also told across all ad spaces in the first 11 pages of the Guardian on Saturday April 4, using multiple and bespoke print shapes never used before in the Guardian.

Honda Do

A little story all about doers. But what exactly is a doer? Well, doers do things. Things to move us forward, to make stuff better. We started off small just thinking of ideas, little “dos”. What if we plant trees around our factories, help the air stay a bit cleaner? Perhaps introduce water based paint, create a solve a car, the first hybrid cars. Well how about a car that only emits water? Little steps in the right direction. Then it made us think, “What if we were all doers learning as we go, doing things that can make a difference, like not revving our engines when we don’t need to. Driving a bit slower in traffic jams instead of stop starting. Or keeping our tires properly inflated to save fuel. And emptying out all the stuff we don’t need to carry around. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile? So let’s go do, keep doing, and do some more. Start a to-do list. Because there a million and one to-dos still to be done.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Honda Do campaign was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, London by creative directors Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth, Shay Reading, creatives Ben Everitt and Sophie Bodoh, agency producer Julia Methold.

Filming/animation was shot by directors Coan & Zorn at Not To Scale, London, with producer Dan Rourke.

Post production was done at The Mill, London. Sound was produced at Wave Studios, London.