High Tide Heels

What can you wear on your feet to the beach that will set you apart from the crowd? High Tide Heels. These shoes, a combination of high heels and flippers, were created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat for an exhibition in 2006, online at www.hightideheels.be. The black shoes were brought out in 2008, named High Tide Pro. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the High Tide Heels are not for sale anywhere.

High Tide Heels

High Tide Heels

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  • dan

    The Heels are for sale at our gallery.
    The same site where you found the pictures above.

    • Albrecht Daniel

      I tryed to get a pair of these “High Tide Heel”, but i wasn´t successful!
      Can you help me???
      Where can i buy some of these shoes??

      Best Regards

  • Anne-Marie Stokes

    Need these High Tide Heels Big Time they look sooooo exciting.
    I’m from Calgary Alberta Canada
    Can I buy them here?
    Thank you so Much.

  • I live in Bali. Here we’re close to the ocean, but need to feel glam, too. I can’t imagine a better shoe for such a situation . . . but can I go dancing in them?

  • Great! 🙂 Now I’d go swimming with my man!

  • Saloonosoph

    The black are the smartest ones.
    You can even wear them at funerals.

  • Sabra Pasky

    I WANT A PAIR!!!!!

  • Sarah Dyas

    I would definitely wear a pair to support my Frogman. How do I get a pair??