High 5 Bread Soft in Malaysia

High 5 Bread, one of the major brands of bread in Malaysia, is promoted as “Soft” in this award-winning print advertisement developed at J Walter Thompson, Kuala Lumpur. The ad, commissioned by food company Silver Bird (Stanson Bakeries), shows a vendor about to pass a loaf through a narrow space to an eager customer behind bars. Silver Bird has the challenge of satisfying concerns about hygiene, Halal regulations, freshness and nutrition, responding to photographs and unsubstantiated rumours circulated online in 2006. “Soft” won a Silver CLIO award in Las Vegas last week.

High 5 Bread Soft print advertisement


Soft was developed at JWT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by executive creative director Edwin Leong, art director Angie Sim, copywriter May Yong, account executives Nicole Tan, Leon Tang, Lian Ju Han, and photographer Boon Chee Fuy at Character Studio, Kuala Lumpur.

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