Hema Mass Game for Netherlands Youth

HEMA, a Dutch department store chain, wished school students in the Netherlands a happy summer holiday with the help of 167 school children, 156 ring binders, helium-filled orange balloons, a surf board, a gray placard, a giant red balloon and a giant straw.

Hema Hemassa Girls

Students use their ring binders to count down, 3, 2, 1 to a sun in the sky. A surfer, pursued by a shark, makes his way through the blue sea. “Wenst je een fantastiche zomer!”, translated in English is “Have a fantastic summer!”

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Mass games or mass gymnastics are a form of performing arts or gymnastics in which large numbers of performers take part in a highly regimented performance that emphasizes group dynamics rather than individual prowess. Mass games are a popular art form in North Korea. HEMA was originally an acronym for Hollandse Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam, “Dutch Standard Prices Company Amsterdam”.


The Mass Game was developed at CCCP, Amsterdam, by copywriter Frankel Schanfeld, art director Jan-Willem de Man and production manager Saski Geesink.

Filming was shot by directors Philip Brink and Hugo van Woerden at Maarten. VFX were produced at Piranha Film by technical director Floris Liesker.

Music is by De Staat.