Heineken Know the Signs with Viral Videos

Heineken is promoting its online responsible drinking campaign, “Know the Signs” with a set of online videos seeded across the internet. Online at www.knowthesigns.com, the campaign features characters who have trouble handling their alcohol limits.

Wedding Pole Dancer in Heineken Know the Signs campaign

A Romanian wedding dance goes wrong when a flirt in a red dress, who’s clearly had more than enough wine, stops thinking about the way she’s dancing with the marquee pole. Filming appears to be low grade, out of focus and poorly shot – all for the sake of the classic wedding video look. See also “Mime Artist Provoked by Drunk”, and “Drunk Looks Stupid And Crashes”.

Know the Signs Credits

The Know the Signs campaign was developed at Red Brick Road / Ruby by executive creative director Justin Tindall, copywriters Gemma Phillips and Matthew Davis, art directors Richard Megson and Mark Slack, and agency producer Charles Crisp. The site was developed at Unit 9 by interactive director Robert Bader, executive producer Valentina Culatti Alisi, tech lead Yates Buckley with sound FX by Steve Nolan, producer Dani Michelon.

Filming was shot by Ben Wheatley via Blink Productions.

The viral campaign was developed at Tamba, London. Social Media Optimisation is being covered by SocialMedia8 and ViralTracker.